75 Years Old Irish Woman Falls From 60ft To death While Hiking In Majorca , Death Video , Who Was She ?

The sudden and tragic demise of a 75 year old Irish woman is circulating everywhere on social media platforms.People are curious to know all the details of the tragic incident.

The tragedy happened at Pas d’en Segarra, a small overhang on a cliff a path popular with Sunday walkers goes through.

A 75 year old Irish woman passed away in Mallorca at the weekend while out hiking with pals . The holidaymaker was on a guided group excursion along the popular Puig Roig circuit when she lost her balance at Pas d’en Segarra and plunged from a twenty metre cliff overhang .

Firefighters and a mountain rescue crew were quickly despatched to the accident site but could sadly only confirm the woman’s passed away before her body was removed from the area .

According to the spokesperson for the Guardia Civil in Mallorca , confirming the incident , said :

” A 75 – year – old Irish woman passed away yesterday after suffering an accident while she was doing a hike in the area .

Local sources claim that other members of the group taking part in the five – mike trek , who were all Irish , witnessed the horrific fall .

” She was the oldest of a group of around 12 people who were all Irish , ”

one person commented . ” She hit her head when she fell and passed away virtually instantaneously . “

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