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Anthony Vargas is an American social media celebrity and YouTube star. He, along with his girlfriend, Bella Retamosa, manages the YouTube channel, A&B Things. The couple makes vlogs, prank videos, and challenge videos for over 1 million fans.


and has close to 340k followers on the platform. He is also an eminent TikTok celebrity, having over 5.8 million fans on his TikTok account, imanthonyvargas. He has collaborated with Tyshon Lawrence on TikTok.

Anthony Vargas Rise to Fame:

Anthony Vargas and Bella posted their first YouTube video titled “WELCOME TO OUR CHANNEL Q&A” in 2019. They started making prank videos and vlogs that earned wide acclaim.

Anthony Vargas has also grown fairly popular on TikTok. Here too, he is joined by his girlfriend, Bella, and together they make engaging videos for their millions of fans. Anthony Vargas’s sister Lexi has also featured in some of his videos.

Anthony Vargas Personal Life:

Anthony Vargas was born on March 16, 2000, in the United States. He has a sister named Lexi and a brother, Manuel. There is no information about Anthony’s parents.

His zodiac sign is Pisces. Anthony Vargas always appears calm and never seems to lose his composure. He keeps a level-headed attitude even during tense situations. Anthony Vargas also likes to invite interesting questions from his fans.

While he answers most of his fans’ questions, Anthony sometimes throws a fictional story for questions he doesn’t want to answer. He once revealed in a Q&A video that he is a Harvard University dropout.

Anthony shares a loving relationship with his girlfriend, Bella Retamosa. They have a son named Noah. Anthony often posts photos alongside his girlfriend on Instagram. They share strong chemistry which is reflected in their videos.

Anthony Vargas is also close to his siblings and frequently invites them to his channel. Overall, he cherishes his family and tries to keep them happy.

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