Who Is Schanda Handley Kidnapping Evidence On Reddit, Full Incident Explained!

Hello, readers welcome back to our article we are here to give you a brief description of an incident that has taken place and we know that you are also curious to know about the whole situation which is grabbing a lot of attention these days so as per the reports man accidentally recorded himself plotting his own wife kidnapping so this is a quite strange incident Schanda Handley along with her daughter whose name is Isabella Cumberland both were residing at their own place located at the street in Lafayette, Louisiana. Let us know about the whole story in detail.


What Happened With Schanda Handley?

So this incident took place on August 6, 2017, however meanwhile when they were residing at their home two men appeared and they were trying to reach out they both wastes standing at the front door both of them thought that they are looking like a delivery man and according to Handley she was waiting since long as she had ordered one clothes streamer she has order and she thought this particular delivery man has come there to deliver this particular thing to them. At some house, she came and told law of enforcement about her estranged spouse was responsible for all this mishappening.

Who Is Schanda Handley?

This particular incident was a whole proof of the guilt that was being convinced to the investigators and he was even guilty because he did all this thing. Handley was the one who intended as she wanted to provide the robots with all the cash that was available at their home when they were trying to cause harm meanwhile she had the courage to hand covered both of them and she hide with them in that particular van and both of the mails started driving. Talking about her daughter who was 14 years old was abducted and she refused to go along with them.


Schanda Handley: Wikipedia & Bio

Isabel was helpless and that moment when she saw her mother going with the kidnappers in that car during this particular time the law of enforcement present there observed some kind of activity taking place in that when he tried a lot to attempt to stop the van but the driver was too fast that he accelerated and drove away after that they stopped at the road 60 miles from the location. According to Handley, she knew that all of this is happening because of her husband Michael who was involved in this kidnapping when she was rescued

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