WATCH: UW Wisconsin Volleyball Player VIDEO Went Viral On Twitter By Itsfunnydude11

Hello readers we are here to give you the latest update social media is currently filled with a lot of questions regarding a video so this video is related to a video of Wisconsin volleyball on the social media platform. Several people are commenting on that particular video and now the whole department of police is going through an investigation we know that you are also curious to watch the video and to know about the particular video so you are at the right place because we will make sure to inform you and give you the latest knowledge about it.


So now we are going to inform you what kind of video is floating on the social media platform related to the volleyball team so it is related to the private videos and photos of the university women of the team of Volleyball and it was being uploaded on all the social media platform without their consent. Now it is very high time all the university women are now angry and they wanted to know who has done this because all the pictures are being shared on social media platforms without giving them any knowledge.

What Happened To The UW Wisconsin Volleyball Player Video

These photos are rapidly shared a number of times on social media platform and now the University of Wisconsin department is looking forward and studying this case including all the matter which involves the sharing of photos without their permission this team won the big ten title in the year 2017 on November and a private photo and videos were being taken in which there was a photo of the women’s and they were posing with their sports lifted publicly on the social media platform.

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UW Wisconsin Volleyball Player Itsfunnydude11 Twitter Video

However, talking about the process so now images are being removed from the internet and it is going on process everyone is supporting the athletes even the University of Washington is also in great shock when they came to know about this particular incident they have been supporting them with every possible resource and every support they need talking about the University of Washington women’s volleyball team is being ranked under 5th and it is said to be the record with 13-3.

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