transgender singer strips NAKED live on Channel 4 and plays the keyboard trending on social media platform

A funnyman took her performance on the UK show Friday Night Live to the extreme after she stripped naked on live TV.

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In this Article I am going to tell you about transgender singer and also tell you about video.


On Friday( original time), ambisexual funnyman Jordan Gray was performing an unequivocal song about her experience as a trans woman.

What happened in her performance?

During her performance, Gray played the keyboard, cried at the followership and said” You know the stylish thing about live television is I can do stupid stuff like this.

” She also jumped up

from her president and stripped down fully naked for everyone to see. She also ran around the stage and indeed played a many piano keys the Daily Mail reported.


>>>>>watch full video


Before her performance, Gray twittered” Tonight we make history.” After the show, the funnyman jokingly twittered” OMG I just got the call my nob is gon na be the coming Prime Minister which is great because it’s veritably left- leaning.”


People view about video

Numerous people loved the

funnyman’s instigative performance.



One twittered” You blew the doors off! Iconic idiot box moment! You made history tonight! You were hugely brilliant!!!”


Another said” Congratulations, what a great performance and brilliant night’s idiot box!”


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