Mandy Rose Defeats Alba Fyre at NXT Halloween Havoc Women Championship 2022, Results, Match Card & More!

Saturday was very much thrilling for many people, particularly for those who love to watch wrestling. Many matches have happened on Saturday and videos related to the match circulating on the web. At present, WWE lovers are talking about the fight that happened between Mandy Rose and Alba Fyre. The fight was a fascinating one and people really enjoyed it and those who missed it want to have the highlights of the match. Many videos related to this match are currently available on the web and some of them are trending and pulling the attention of the people. The match was in the favour of Mandy Rose who beat Alba Fyre. .


She successfully maintained the NXT Championship of Women and this match happened at Halloween Havoc on Saturday, 22nd October 2022. The fans of Mandy Rose are happy with her winning of her and send congratulatory messages to her. The match was so intense and it was tough to predict who would come up as the winner of the event but eventually Mandy Rose defeated her and the entire stadium filled with cheers. During the show, Fyre kidnaps Rose and this happened just prior to the match, Fyre was shown to went outside the stadium with Rose. Both wrestlers show their fascinating wrestling moves. The stadium is split into 2 parts, one group cheering for Mandy and the 2nd one wishing for the winning of Fyre.

Mandy Rose Defeats Alba Fyre At NXT Halloween Havoc Women Championship 2022 Video

During the match Toxic Attraction (Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin) intervene in the fight in order to aid Rose’s triumph through Kiss The Rose. The highlights of the match and small clips related to the fights are present everywhere and they are even trending. People really enjoyed the match and looking forward to watching more such wrestling. It is just beginning as many fights are in the line to entertain wrestling lovers. There are many people who are still looking to have the videos of the matches but they don’t need to search more as the videos are available on our websites as well as on Twitter. The fans of both wrestlers are commenting on the videos and people are watching the highlights and enjoying it.


The fighters are all set to entertain the audiences and defeat their rival fighters. In future episodes, the audience will watch more such moments. One such funny moment has been captured in which a fighter remove the underwear of another fighter and people made memes about it. The contest was really fiery one and many people are showing their interest in it. As of now we just have only this many details but we will be soon back to give more such news to our readers.

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