Laura schumacher wisconsin volleyball locker room video – Laura Schumacher video

Laura Schumacher is a team member of Wisconsin University’s Volleyball team. She initiated her career at 13, and her goal is to become an NBA women’s squad member.

Laura admires basketball and works hard to achieve her goal. She is currently in the news because she is associated with the Trending pictures.


Authorities at Wisconsin University are reportedly investigating whether the volleyball team members that won the national championship in the women’s tournament had their photographs removed from the channels and why they were made public without their consent.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Photos

The pictures incident sparked the social media handles since they were publicized without the team’s consent. According to a remark posted on Wednesday, 19th October 2022, by Wisconsin’s athletic administrators, representatives of the volleyball women’s squad immediately contacted university police after discovering the photographs had been publicly disclosed.


The place and time frame of the video clips and photographs were not mentioned in the notification sent by UW Athletics via the Wisconsin Badgers’ Twitter account. The Wisconsin University’s women’s volleyball squad was photographed from their locker room, as reported by the Wisconsin State Journal.

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