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Diwali is a Hindu, Jains, Sikh, and Muslim, and Buddhist New Year’s festival. The five-day holiday falls in November this year (starting on Monday, 24th October 2022). Oil lamps called diyas are used to celebrate the goddess of riches and prosperity Lakshmi and to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness during the festival of lights, which is popular in South Asian nations and among persons of South Asian origin. It’s a happy time, and while it has religious roots, it has evolved into a secular celebration in many parts of the world and across cultures.

Happy Diwali 2022

If you or someone you care about is celebrating Diwali and you’d like to express your gratitude, these Diwali messages and wishes will undoubtedly brighten someone’s day. May the divine light illuminate your thoughts, warm your hearts, and strengthen the links of humanity in your homes and communities. This is a day when people get together with their friends, family, and relatives to rejoice. They also light diyas and firecrackers, put on new outfits, and eat delectable food.

Happy Diwali 2022 Wishes, Quotes, HD Images

Here are some Diwali greetings, wishes, photographs, quotations, and greetings that you may send to your loved ones ahead of time.

-> May this Diwali bring you new dreams, new hopes, new perspectives, and everything bright and beautiful, and fill your days with pleasant surprises and moments. Greetings on Diwali!

-> Delectable Laddoos, dazzling Diyas, a plethora of smiles and laughter, a large supply of Masti, a plethora of Mithai, a plethora of fireworks, wishing you endless fun, frolic, and celebration!! HAPPY DIWALI IN THE YEAR 2022….!!!

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-> Allow each diya you light to bring a smile to your face and to illuminate your spirit. Diwali greetings

-> May your life be as bright, beautiful, sparkling, and enchanting as the lights from Diwali’s lamps.

-> Your glistening presence My Diwali was brightened. Making every minute count

Happy Diwali Sayings, SMS, Messages

Diwali is also associated with Dhanvantari, the Lord of Medicines who bestowed Ayurvedic expertise. This day is commemorated as his birthday in honor of his contributions to the field of medicine. The victory of good over evil is symbolized by Diwali. The lights and diyas are everywhere, symbolizing the annihilation of evil and dark shadows. The environment of love and purity is created by everyone rejoicing and praying at the same time. It is a day to reflect on the previous year and make better decisions for the next year

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