Who Was Slickianna Aka Aneka Townsend & Death Reason, Last Video Before Death, Funeral & More!

It is like today we just only have sad news to share as one after another we are hearing the death news of famous people who were young. After sharing the death news of a French rapper, we are feeling extremely painful to share the death news of a Jamaican influencer. The last video of the social media artist is circulating on the web and it is currently trending on Twitter. The influencer identified as Aneka “Slickianna” Townsend and her death news is really shocking and unexpecting. Her fans are feeling extremely painful and crying over her demise especially after watching her last video.

As per the latest report, Jamaican entrepreneur and social media influencer Aneka Townsend was discovered dead. Her body was recovered on Friday, 21st October 2022 in Reading located in Montego Bay, St. James. But her death news has made public on Saturday, 22nd October 2022. A social media influencer popularly known by the name Slickianna and her death has quite shocked her fans as she was not ill and her fans are speculating that someone has killed her. The reports are stating that her dead body was discovered floating in the sea near to shore and she was just wearing footwear. The police got to know about the incident and they instantly reported to the crime scene where they find her body floating on the river.

Slickianna Aka Aneka Townsend Last Video Before Death

They are currently investigating the matter and in the report, they shared that a gunshot had been found on her head. It is clearly a murder case and police are looking for more proof of it. Apart from it, the heinous and gruesome video posted online which also viewed a body floating with wearing only 1 shoe that looks like the footwear of an Instagram model which she wore in her last and final Instagram video and a tattoo also engraved on the side of her bu** and leg with nearly look like the same one which was found on the dead body of Townsend. Her last video was posted prior to 16 hours after her death. Some of her fans are claiming that she already knows that someone killed her.

Slickianna Aka Aneka Townsend: Wikipedia & Bio

The social media influencer was quite popular on Instagram where she has garnered 317k followers and now her fans want justice for her. Her IG video shows the lady sharing more than 12 pictures and posts on her IG account over the last sixteen hours. The final photo of herself was 22 hours back and viewed her wearing n**e-colored foam runners, a white T-shirt and shorts and she was also carrying a purse. Now police are trying to find out more about this case. She was earlier rumoured to be in a relationship with Baby Cham in the year 2019.

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