Who Was Dustin DeMonte & Alex Hamzy & Death Reason? Slain Bristol Cops Shot & Killed, Funeral Details!

Bristol officers who passed away after a shooting on the 12th of October 2022 were honoured and their funeral was held on Friday which was attended by thousands of officers and people as well. People gathered at the funeral and a long speech and grief were shown by the wives of the two officer show passed away on their duty. The funeral lasted for hours and people were grieving for the families and the officers who passed away in the shooting. Dustin DeMonte and Alex Hamzy were the ones who passed away in the shooting and one other officer who was shot fatally attended the two deceased officers’ funeral as well. Let us learn more about the funeral held on this Friday.

The grieving widows of the two officers who passed away on their duties showed tearful tributes to their husbands and the funeral showed many law enforcement officers from around eth country who attended the funeral and respected the officers. DeMonte’s wife who is pregnant now with their child said a few statements and she added that Dustin and Alex were two fun-loving people and they showed positivity and kindness in their behaviour. She added that the two of them were great and true heroes and amazing people as well who will be missed greatly and beyond words as well. She apologized that the tragedy that happened with her husband.

Who Was Dustin DeMonte & Alex Hamzy?

Dustin served as an officer for 10 years in the branch and he was an experienced officer, while Hamzy joined the office eight years ago. The funeral also included the formal posthumous promotions of the two officers DeMonte was promoted to Lieutenant and Hamzy was promoted to sergeant. On the 12th of October 2022, Dustin and Hamzy were shot to death by two brothers who set up the whole scene, fake called the officers, and the two officers along with a third officer who arrived at the scene were shot and the officers also shot one of the suspects while one officer and one suspect survived the shooting. The shooting and the fake call were plotted and the crime was hatred based while the officers lost their lives.


Dustin DeMonte & Alex Hamzy: Funeral Details

Hamzy’s wife who also spoke at the funeral said that she cannot describe the love that she had for her husband and that she will always respect him. Katie Hamzy said that when she saw Hamzy for the first time, he was in a formal dress and he was in a respected position. Katie added that he will always be in her heart and close to her heart as an officer. She added that Alex will always be the love of her life, the one who was always her hero and the one she will love forever. Officer Quarto who was shot in the shooting was also there at the funeral. Although he recovered still he didn’t speak anything at the funeral but carried a flag to the officer’s graves. He was also respected while many other officers stood up in his honour.

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