Who Was Anthony Santi & Cause Of Death? What Happened To Him? Age, Funeral & Obituary News!

A piece of death news is presently in the news which is quite a controversial topic on social media. As per the report, a firefighter lost his life after getting shot and in this case, a woman was found as the suspect but still, no charges have been made against her. Most people wondering that why the suspect was not facing any charges and why he shot the firefighter and what exactly the matter is. All these questions are currently in the mind of the people and they are searching for them. According to the reports, Anthony “Tony” an off-duty firefighter was lethally open fired on 6th October 2022 this incident happened at a gas station in Independence located in Missouri.

The police lodged the case and even began the probing but did not share the name of the gunmen, but on Tuesday, 18th October 2022, the prosecutors of Jackson County stated the suspect lady will not face any kind of charges as her act come under as in self-defence. According to the reports, on Thursday, 6th Oct 2022, Santi listened to Ja’Von Taylor involved in an argument with a lady who is working in a gas station. The firefighter interferes with the matter, causing 2 males to start fussing. After that their argument began outside the building, where the verbal argument turned into physical violence and the entire incident was occurring in the parking lot of the building.

What Happened With Anthony Santi?

Both were fighting and Ja’Von take out the gun, but her gun fell at the time of the scuffle. As per local news stations, a lady with Taylor picked up the gun and adjured the men in order to stop fighting. This whole incident was recorded in a video which was made by the man who was watching the incident and recording it on his camera. Later on, the video was posted online and in the video lady badly asked them both to people to stop fighting but she grabbed the gun. The firefighter had Taylor affixed to the floor as the lady shouted for Santi to let Taylor go.

Anthony Santi: Wikipedia & Bio

She can be heard stating that “Stop sir, stop! Get off! My children are in my vehicle. ! Stop, you are assassinating me,” The lady was continuously shouting and asking him to release her. Bystanders stated that the altercation lasted for around ten minutes. After constantly asking the firefighter to stop the altercation with Taylor, the lady menaced to use the weapon in order to shoot but Santi did not bother to listen to her, she apparently shot him. After that, the lady was detained and a lawyer, Kevin Jamison agree that the action of a lady against Santi was warranted.

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