Who Is Alexandria Ocasio, AOC Dancing Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link, Full Controversy!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio is again in the news after she passed a comment on the Vice president and she said that no one wants to hear opinions on their uterus. After the statement was released by the rep.  Many people joined in and Alexandria was mocked on another level many tweets as well were seen online where people were mocking her. After the video of her saying things to the Politicians and the party as well went viral on the internet people started comparing her to many others while the protectors crashed her down this week. Let us learn more about the fuss ongoing and also learn about the various tweets posted online.


Alexandria who was caught on camera grooving and speaking up while there were chants getting demonstrated caught many people’s eyes. While after the video was released online, Alexandria was mocked and people mocked her by saying that AOC has got to go while there were signs which showed that the 33 years old should be denounced that were held that the town hall event. This occurred after the vice-president predicted the pro-life majorities which were held both in congress in midterm elections and this created panic in the house of congress while the former politicians started raising their voices against the issue.

Who Is Alexandria Ocasio?

Some of the tweets which were released online also mocked Alexandria in a funnier and more unpleasing way while many people who were famous and known as well joined in and passed on comments. Lauren Borebert Tweeted on Thursday saying that the tantrums passed on by Alexandria always remind her of someone. She later added a video of a boy who struggles to explain his point to his mother and the video also showed Alexandria in the earlier scenes where she was trying to say something but was lacking an explanation. This video is from back in 2014 when a boy was trying to explain something to his mother and it was earlier used as a meme.


Alexandria Ocasio, AOC: Wikipedia & Bio

While one of the Twitter users added to the statement by saying that the congresswoman was mocking her constituents. Chadwick Moore as well said the same thing and he write on Twitter saying that Alexandria was mocking her constituents and she never lived in her district and did not put in her power or effort and she doesn’t even answer them. While another Twitter user added more fuel to it by saying that the protestors were chanting AOC has got to go and AOC dancing to it in her district was like peak Pelosi’s performance. While he also added that the crown can be passed now. Another user, Rachel Campus added and she said that Alexandria is drunk with power and narcissism.

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