SLICKIANNA AKA ANEKA TOWNSEND Death Video, Influencer Found Dead Near The Beach At St. James!

Social media is one of the fastest ways to share the news that surfaces on the feed. While there is one piece of news that gathered the eyes of one of the netizens is that an influencer who had nearly hundreds and thousands of followers on her Instagram and her social media accounts was found dead and it seems like she droned or she jumped in the water after which she was found dead by the people near the beach. The news gained the netizen’s eyes in no time and it was even covered by many channels as well which confirms that the influencer has passed away. Let us learn more about the death of influencer Slikianna and about her more in detail.

It is been reported that a dead body was found near the beach at St. James on Friday and when people tried to gather it up they took the body out and the body resembled the body of an influencer Slikianna. She is an influencer from Jamaica and she was found dead by the people who were near the beach. After she was found dead by the People and was recognized as well various pictures of her started circulating on the internet and people were sharing the picture higher scale. While videos as well of the body were circulated online. The news was not covered by the mainstream media but it is sure that the body of the dead person found floating in the sea resembled the influencer.

Slickianna Aka Aneka Townsend Death Video

As video started flourishing on the internet and people started sharing pictures as well. The picture showcased body tattoos that resembled the influencer and the boots as well which were in the picture resembled the ones that the influencer used to wear in many of her videos. The pictures and the videos of the dead body scared the netizens and they wanted to know how the influencer ended up dying. Though there is no media coverage, still there is no report being held out by the police and there is no proper report given as of now. So, at the moment nothing can be said, whether she jumped in the water or it was an accident or something else.

Slickianna Aka Aneka Townsend: Wikipedia & bio

Slikianna’s real name is Aneka Townsend and she was a Jamaican she used to post videos and pictures of herself and often called herself an influencer while she sued to deal with brands and various paid promotions as well. She had over 317 k followers on her Instagram account and posted 77 pictures on the account as well. Aneka used to post pictures of her wearing different clothes from different brands but she was inactive on her social media for a while and she did not show any sign of being disturbed or any changes in her life.

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