Shooting At Stanford High School Today, What Happened At Stanford School? Who Is The Active Shooter?

A very shocking piece of news is coming up as we are here to give you the relevant information so lately unus is coming up regarding a school from the incident that took place on Friday the name of the school Stamford High School. So as per the resources this incident hit at least nine Connecticut schools but it is majorly affecting in this Stanford High School there were several Police officers were present at the moment of this particular incident and the location was East herd Ford for the joint funeral as there were two police that was being killed in this particular incident when they were in the line of their duties.


However someone calls 911 and it is said to be a report about an active Shooter talking about the injury so there were multiple schools that were involved in this particular incident, however, now investigators are trying their best to investigate the whole case from a different perspective and they are also started working with the FBI and they wanted to know and to get the information that who was the person and what was his exact motive to do this.

What Happened At Stanford School?

Talking about the timing so the whole school department received a thread at around 8:55 a.m. about this particular trigger warning response from the police department and the whole decided department of the school decided to put this School into long down mode however after some time the police also explain about the whole situation and after Shooter call at Stamford school was a fake call people thought that they are in a great problem they were just rushing towards the classroom they started locking the doors.

Who Is The Active Shooter?

It was a very horrifying situation for everyone out there however police were trying their best to serve as the safety agency was called and they were also looking after the building to ensure safety however all the protocols were being followed and they were explaining to everyone according to the department mentioned that officer has been hosting and an active shooter drill in partnership with the Stamford Public School, however, after all, it is clear that there was no Shooter present at the school but however it led to lock down in the whole school.

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