MURDER: Who Was Milton Sawyer & Death Reason? How Was Antique Store Owner Killed? Funeral & Obituary!

An upcoming show on Dateline on NBC will showcase the storyline of a couple in their 50s who were brutally killed and one was saved from the couple who was convicted later. We are here talking about the case of Milton Sawyer and his wife Angel Sawyer who were robbed and Milton was killed in the robbery. This episode of the story will be shown on NBC Show and the show will feature on the 21st of October 2022 when this episode is called the Righteous Obsession. The couple was robbed which later turned into a different story when investigated and the culprits were found out. Let us learn more in detail about this documentary by NBC.

This case is from North Carolina and occurred back in 2018. In the month of August, the case occurred when the old couple was in the house alone. Milton used to run the antique shop and the two of them used to live happily alone. One night in August, a thief entered the old couple’s house and the couple was robbed. Everything including the jewellery, money and every valuable was stolen and it clearly indicated that it was a robbery which turned wrong as Milton was killed in it. Angel who sustained severe injuries ran to her neighbours for help who called the police and the infestation began, while Angel was transferred to the hospital.

Milton Sawyer Cause Of Death

The story took a sinister plot when the police started to investigate and the real culprit behind the story came out and it was not just a burglary but a fully planned murder. Speaking about Milton, he was born in 1963 and grew up in a large extended family of elder brothers, sisters, and half brothers and sisters as well, while he even shared step-siblings as well. He was a married man and from an early age, he initiated collecting artefacts that later developed into his career. Milton was a divorced man and it was getting hard for him to deal with children being a single father. When he met Angel in 2011 she was getting divorced as well. Soon after she got divorced they started dating and later married in 2012 until 2018 when Milton passed away.

Who Killed Milton Sawyer?

Milton was found dead in his bathroom by the police and he was taped down and he was laid upside down as well. Investigations ho that he was strangled to death, while when the real story came up the whole community was shocked. Angel and her boyfriend were the culprits behind the story ad they were dating each other. Milton was the pebble in between them, so they planned a clean robbery which later got caught, as Angel gave her boyfriend the keys to the house which was suspected by the police, and soon the two culprits were convicted for 20-year imprisonment. This case which sent chills down the spines of the neighbour and the family will be covered in the NBC Specials.

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