Genshin Impact Nahida Banners Leaks, Release Date, Skills, Talents, Constellations, Weapons & More!

Welcome back everyone now and there is very positive news for all the fans of tension impact. The character of Nahida is going to make her debut in the game and we will be discussing the constellation skills and talents of this upcoming character and how she is going to be a powerful opponent for Enemies she will be appearing in the 3.2 version everything about her is available in this article so keep reading it. The teaser and trailers are already available and she is destroying the Enemies and Demons.

And she is clearly a part of a festival dedicated to her God and she is helping the travellers to be in control of their senses and solve their specific and dedicated problems and complete her goals. She has a variety of attacks like a normal attack plunging attack and charged attack. In the normal attack, she would do a combination of up to 4 moves and deal damage to the opponent whereas in the charged attack she would consume stamina for a specific amount of time and deal an array of heavy blows.

Genshin Impact Nahida Skills

In the planting attack, she calls upon the might of Gods and she 3D damage in the middle of the air and damages all that comes in front of a path. She has a number of elemental scales and customizable accessories will be available in future updates that would completely change her look. She has an increase of 32% in electric damages of the same element and she also receives support from her teammates which is pretty handy in a boss fight. The update will arrive on the 2nd of November 2022 and we are eagerly waiting for that.

Genshin Impact Nahida kit leaks: Elemental skill, burst and other abilities  with gameplay

Genshin Impact Nahida Characters

Individuals are getting impatient and they are constantly complaining about the developers. A total of 7 characters were going to make their debut and if they were promised in the early updates but they could not fulfil their promises finally, we are getting this. She has passive ability is like compassion illumination and awakening. It would be a maximum of 80% bone damage and a Critical rate of 24% for the purification she is going to be a valuable asset in the game and we will be back to some more updates until then stay tuned with my website.

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