Geisson Perea Shows His Private Parts While Defending Free Kick VIDEO Become Sensation!

Good evening everyone after the match between Manchester City vs Liverpool finished where Thiago Silva kicked Haaland in his balls. Another such incident is currently trending on the Internet and it is from the Colombian League where Geisson Perea flashed while defending. Everybody was really shocked by this incident and it was really disgusting and the Football Association is going to take strict action against him for showing his private parts. He was spotted right on the camera.


Geisson Perea Shows His Private Parts Video

And there is a certain amount of evidence available account against him and he will be a topic of discussion. No one expected such a disgusting thing from a professional footballer and he has certainly broken the trust of fans it is really embarrassing for everyone and he definitely is going to serve some kind of punishment. So talking about this athlete is 31 years old and has played around 200 professional matches in his career he joined the latest team in 2022 and has played 17 matches with them.

Geisson Perea Viral Video


And he is 179 CM tall referring to his right photo and plays as a Centre back. He has the Number 12 on his shirt. The opponent was going to take a free kick and then he suddenly flashed his manhood up while he was attacking and everybody was ashamed this was caught live on national television and the TV camera zoomed in unfortunately and the audience had to watch this horror. Has not apologized for his mistake and he has not said anything about it and still we are waiting for further updates.

There should be some kind of clarity he has not played a single match for his national team and he majorly played in the lower leagues and up he has played 81 minutes up and currently playing in the second League of Columbia and he joined on 1st July 2022 and his contract will expire on 31st December. He is probably going to retire from the sport and this should not be the type of farewell. We will be back with some more information and till then keep reading articles on our website.

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