Who Was Sarah Kirsty Lumb & Death Reason? Mum Killed In Halsall Crash, Age, Funeral & Obituary!

Recently, a terrible traffic accident occurred in Halsall which killed a woman who was a mother as well.  Police and the family members paid their tributes and people were heartbroken when they heard about the mother being death leaving behind children and the family as well. While many officers paid tribute to her family as well as said statements and posted them online in order to pay their respects. The crash occurred on Monday and people said that the funeral will be held soon while the police are investigating the case. Let us learn more in detail about the crash of Halsall and also learn about the death that occurred as well.


Mum killed in crash named and pictured as family shares touching tribute

Sarah Kristy was the one who passed away in the crash and she was just 42 years old when she passed away. This crash occurred on the 17th of October 2022 and Sarah was involved in the crash at North Moor Lane in Halsall. Her family and friends are getting supported by specially trained officers and various obituaries as well were posted online while her friend is posting in their condolences and tributes to the mother who passed away. Sarah’s daughter Jess said that her mother was an amazing person who was passionate, loving and caring and she will be missed dearly while she added that her mother was much more than just a mom.

Sarah Kirsty Lumb Cause Of Death

Jess added that Sarah was the one who sued to put everything before her and she used to love everyone together she thanked god for giving her such a beautiful soul as her mother and she said that Sara will be missed dearly. Sarah’s fiancé said in a statement that Sarah was beautiful and she was an amazing mother, sister, and partner as well while she had a life that can never be forgotten. He added that he will love Sarah and will miss her for the rest of his life. Sarah’s brother added that he will miss her dearly and that Sarah was a beautiful sister who was always there for him. He added that it will be hard for them to move on in their life.


Beautiful' mum, 42, killed in horror crash, as devastated family share  photo of woman who 'held everyone together' | The Irish Sun

What Happened With Sarah Kirsty Lumb?

Sgt. Phil Baxendale of Lancashire Police Tactical operation said that the incident occurred and it resulted in one person’s death. He added that his thoughts and condolences are towards the family while they are investigating the case. He also requested to report if anyone saw the incident that occurred as it would help them find the culprit and also solve the case overall. Phil said that they are now searching on how the collision occurred and the incident resulted in an accident that took the poor woman’s life who had her family. While they asked anyone with the information to report at the police station or to inform crime stoppers.

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