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Laura Schumacher is a player from the Badgers who is in news these days and people wanted to learn about the player, even more, when there were several pictures of the payer that were circulated online while she was playing. Laura by no means wanted to attract followers or any sort of media attention but she loved to play games and especially volleyball for her team. When she decided to pursue her career in volleyball and devote herself to the YW Volleyball team she is also devoted to the Badgers recruiting class of 2024 and she gained multiple training and learned through years of struggle. Let us learn in detail about Laura and her career.


Laura initiated her career in volleyball and she began her training just at the age of 13 she used to play for the team. Laura while speaking about her sporty nature said that she wanted to become an NBA player and play basketball for the teams while she added that her primary team and her aim was to go to the NBA and perform there as an NBA lady. She added that it was her largest dream. In an interview, she said that she wanted to take time and consider her dream while she believed that she might do something in her life. Laura added that she wanted to do something in basketball but she was also devoted to volleyball at an early young age.

Who Is Wisconsin Volleyball Girl Laura Schumacher?

Laura was interested in basketball but she wanted to always try new things. Laura started gaining interest in volleyball as her sister Bella used to play Volleyball and he was three years senior to her. Laura started playing the game and she initiated with three years of membership in Carmel, Indiana workforce, Laura while speaking about her initial days said that she sued to play volleyball with the equipment of basketball but she had a sporty nature in herself that pulled her through her training. Laura said in an attempt that she used to have basketball shorts and a Stephen curry shirt which she had knee pads on and believed she could grow through it.

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Laura Schumacher: Wikipedia & bio

Laura initiated with a mid-blocker as a freshman and then she shifted to setter for 12 months. After that, she followed up and went for the Munciana volleyball membership and started as a scavenger and defender positions as well. Laura being dynamic and rising caught the attention and eye of many other coaches which helped her gain more fame and form in the game. She now is allowed and invited to be a member of Wisconsin and when speaking bout it she said that she by no means wanted the attention but she got an email from them saying that she was invited to the national playoffs and Wisconsin invited her and added that she is excited about it.

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