VIDEO: Rock Climber Fights Off Attacking Bear At Mount Futago In Japan Full Video Went Viral!

Welcome back everyone around a very horrible story is available on the Internet where a rock climber had to face a during his journey and he was exceptionally fighting the monster creature on his own and now everybody is appreciating his bravery and his heart. Mountain climbing is one of the most dangerous things to do and this incident happened near Mount Futago in Japan. A black bear was racing toward the mountain climber and he had to face him. This was a deadly encounter and he could have easily lost his life but he did not give up.


Watch: Climber fights off bear with his fists

And came into survival mode and started taking and punching the bear. The bear started biting. He was really lucky to get the hold and the Bear started attacking initially he was fighting it with Pankaj and after 30 seconds the bear could not bear it and started running away from the fight. It was very fortunate that he was not 300 kg of a polar bear or American grizzly bear and he could have easily taken his life in an instant. But it was an Asian bear and there is no information available about the identity of this climber.


Close encounter with bear frightens visitors at Jasper National Park - The  Weather Network


It is certainly not an easy task and because you will die not only due to the snow and natural calamity but also the wild animals that are in that region and there is proper training provided for such individuals and you must have years of experience before putting your foot in danger. You should not throw your life and we have already seen a majority of cases happening around the western countries and how mountain climbing has become a difficult sport. It is a sense of adventure that the sport provides and everybody wants that.

And just the video is available where he was shooting it with his own camera and he did not mention his name and everybody is currently looking for it. Many people lose their lives while climbing mountains and especially snowy mountains because there is a statistic that clearly tells about the survival rate of a climber who is trying to conquer Mount Everest. There is no information about the medical assistance for the climber and he was not traveling with any of his friends we hope that is completely fine and we will be back with some more great updates.

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