Snow on the beach leaked, The Meaning Of Taylor Swift & Lana Del Rey’s 

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Lana Del Rey stars in Snow on the Beach, the fourth track to be heard when Swifties play her album Midnight’s on October 21st. This song is the only featuring act on the entire album and has been in the works for a long time. In a 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Swift explained that she used her love of Del Rey’s music to bring her into this collaboration. Her lyrics are said to be poetic and fitting for fall. Any new release is full of nostalgia and pop culture trends. I won’t just listen to it, I’ll read the lyrics thoroughly.

Taylor Swift gives insight into 'Snow on the Beach' featuring Lana Del Rey  - The News Sow

On October 7, 2014, 2014’s track 4 collaboration with Del Rey was announced to be Track 4 on Midnights. Four days later, Swift released an Instagram video in which she praised 37-year-old Del Rey as “one of the best musical artists ever.” To collaborate with my idol on a song is a dream come true, and it’s an honor to live in the same time frame as my muse. I can’t wait to thank her for everything she’s given me with every breath I take.

Although the song title Snow on the Beach remains a mystery, fans are fascinated by the hype surrounding this midnight duet. The song’s lyrics and performance are praised by many listeners.

What does “Snow on the Beach” mean?

Toni Braxton and Joe Alwyn, a couple for six years, sang a love song on October 11. The Grammy-winning singer stated that Snow on the Beach is a romantic track about feelings shared by both parties when love flourishes between them.

The song’s lyrics describe a traumatic moment when two people realize they are in love with each other at the same time. It also describes the overwhelming feeling of fate as the singer looks around questioning if this is a dream or reality. It looks like snow is falling on a beach. In a way, it’s incredibly surreal to see this.

What Are The SOTB Lyrics?

During the 13th episode of her TikTok series Midnights Mayhem With Me, Taylor Swift announced the title of her last song: Snow on the Beach. No lyrics for this song have been teased by Taylor yet; however, fans may be able to get their hands on these lyrics as soon as the album drops on October 21st. If so, this will be Taylor’s lead single.


Any SOTB video exists?

Taylor Swift has released music videos for every collaboration she’s involved in. This includes videos for songs like “I Bet You Think Of Me” with Chris Stapleton in 2021, “Joker and the Queen” with Ed Sheeran in 2022, “I Bet You Think Of Me” with Brendon Urie in 2019, “Me!” with Brendon Urie in 2019, “Babe” with Sugarland in 2017, and “End Game” with Sheeran in 2017. Many of these collaborations were released after Swift made an announcement about the video. With this past history in mind, fans can expect a “Snow on the Beach” music video soon.

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