Okmulgee, Oklahoma Death Suspect Joanna Yeates Arrested, Who Is He? All Charges & Allegations!

Joanna Yeates’s case was one of the most terrifying and most long-running cases that police ever thought of in Hampshire, England. Police did not imagine what had happened to Joanna who lived her life peacefully with her partner. The story came to light after the disparate of Joanna and she was not found anywhere around where he would be. After investigations police found her dead body and started investigations, after investigations for many weeks they finally found the main culprit who was her neighbour called Vincent Tabak who strangled her to death. Let us learn more in detail about Vincent and also about the case as well.

Joanna Yeates was killed on the 17th of December 2010 and she was reported missing by her loved ones. Police were investigating the case and did not find her for days, but later they found her dead body which upon investigations came out she was strangled to death. The culprit, Vincent Tabak was arrested five weeks after her death on the 20th of January 2011 and the case was finally brought to justice. Joanna who was a sweet girl was brutally killed by Dutch engineer Vincent who lived in the building where Joanna lived, after weeks and days of investigations the culprit finally admitted to his crimes and the case was then taken forward for trial.

Joanna Yeates Arrested

Vincent was earlier involved in Joanna’s case but later was ruled out. After days of his leisure, he even faked calling the police saying that the landlord was the one who might have killed Joanna but the investigation resulted in nothing and finally after not finding anything related to the landlord connected to the death, police came to the engineer and Vincent was later arrested. He was charged with the murder charges to kill Joanna and he was charged on the 22nd of January 2011. He was a 32-year-old guy who lived next door to Joanna and he admitted his crimes after two days of thorough interrogation. As per many police officers, many pictures of children who were indecent were found on Vincent’s laptop but they were not taken into the case.

Joanna Yeates Arrested

Joanna Yeates: All Charges & Allegations

Chief Julian Moss said in his statement that Vincent was dangerous, calculative and manipulative as well and is serving his life sentence in the murder case of Joanna. Judges sentenced Vincent for the imprisonment of 20 years in jail at the HM prison and he was convicted for his crimes without any parole. His crimes which were recorded were offensive and brutal as well. He did even fake his statement and tried to pull the landlord into it while he brutally killed Joanna. He is currently spending his imprisonment and a crime series as well was filmed on this case.

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