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Cyberpunk 1.6 patch notes

It looks like the next patch for Cyberpunk 2077 won’t include the much-anticipated New Game Plus feature.

Last week, CD Projekt announced a new Night City Wire presentation, set to air today, September 6, that will take a look at the near future of Cyberpunk 2077. Soon after, community manager Amelia Kołat confirmed to Twitter users that the presentation did not include New Game Plus, seemingly ruling it out of the next Cyberpunk 2077 update.


It’s reasonable to assume that since the new Night City Wire presentation will discuss Cyberpunk 2077’s next update, all the features included in that update will be discussed. If New Game Plus isn’t in the show, it’s reasonable to assume it won’t be included in the RPG’s next update.

In a reply to Kołat’s tweet, Lead Level Designer Miles Tost(Opens in a new tab) explains why Cyberpunk 2077 features are so difficult to implement. Tost explained that the entire game needs to be rebalanced around players’ increased gear levels, which doesn’t even take into account the late-game gear they might have, which could fundamentally ruin early parts of the game.

For example, what happens if a player has the ability to double jump early in the game? Will you keep your points and vehicles? Designers need to think about a lot more than just having you restart the game with your gear is the point Tost is trying to make here.

The Cyber​​punk 2077 Night City Wire demo starts today at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM ET. BST, in addition to what’s next for the game itself, will also be reporting on the new Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime.

While many saw the announcement as a good thing, it also garnered some less positive reactions. References to the upcoming cyberpunk animation were a particular sting for some users on Twitter.

When is the story DLC? ? ? Honestly, after everything that happened with this game, the launch, the controversy, you’d think CDPR would focus on the game itself, fixing and adding story content to redeem, rather than making a spinoff anime.

This high level of frustration is understandable as the game was controversial at launch. Many fans were unhappy with the state of the game, and many fans remained unhappy with what they believed to be false advertising.

This bothers me so hard lol. : r/cyberpunkgame

Many of the features shown in the trailer have so far not been present in the game. While the 1.6 update may fix some of these issues, for some it’s too little, too late. Still, other players can look forward to getting the game they’ve been waiting for.

Hopefully CDPR is working hard on the game they promised and the DLC they promised 3 years ago.

Cyberpunk 2077 1.5 is a huge update to Cyberpunk 2077. The patch brings a next-gen update, creating a Cyberpunk 2077 experience for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

The patch adds dual-sense controller functionality, ray-traced shadows, improved audience response, and more to the PlayStation 5 version. For many, this was the game Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to return when it released, signaling that the game was finally ready to recommend it to others with a clear conscience, without having to be warned of draconian restrictions along the way. it comes.

A future Cyberpunk 2077 1.6 patch could fix various existing bugs, while preparing the game to receive major new updates in the future, such as DLC chapters and expansion packs.

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