Why is Boycott Ulta Beauty trending? Dylan Mulvaney controvesy explained

The Ulta Beauty podcast episode was quick to go trending across social media platforms.Many online users is searching for Ulta Beauty.What is Boycott Ulta Beauty?To know all details about it read the article fully.

Anti-transgender activists recently announced that they are boycotting Ulta Beauty after the latter released a video celebrating inclusivity.

Beauty company Ulta is facing a fierce backlash following a company podcast in which a trans TikTok influencer appeared to use ‘femininity’ as a costume .

Dylan Mulvaney discussed her transition and idea of womanhood with host and celebrity hairstylist David Lopez.

Ulta Beauty released a promotional clip across their social media platforms. In the episode, Dylan Mulvaney also detailed her recent transition and explained how she grew up in a conservative family and the difficulties she faced in finding her inner beauty and the confidence it takes to show it off publicly.

Some people also claimed that Mulvaney was appropriating womanhood and simply wearing it as a costume.

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