Rock climber fights bear on mountain, wild video

A video is circulating everywhere in the social media platforms.The video is related to a bear who fight for his life .

Rock climber fight bear trending video details is given below.Here with this article we are going to share with you the complete details about fight .

The heart stopping moment the climber who was in Mount Futago in Japan came across the black bear and was forced to fight for his life was captured on camera.

A rock climber in Japan gave a master class in how to fight off a bear in a life or demise situation caught on video.

The man was hiking back down a mountain.A black bear appeared from behind and tried to att*ck him with a vici*us bite.The climber starts yelling while throwing hammer fists instead of punches, as he claims martial arts taught him that those strikes are more damaging.

He managed to avoid the bear’s first att*ck, but the wild animal did not let up, continuing his att*ck . The guy had to keep fighting it off with punches and kicks at the animal’s head and all while managing not to fall off the face of the cliff.

The video was re shared on social media thousands of times and people have mixed opinions on whether the bear or the climber was in the wrong.

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