DJ Akademiks Threatens To Snitch On Lil Baby In Court

DJ Akademiks and Lil Baby fight trending on social media.Many people are aware about this fight and some people are searching for the whole story.If you one of them then you are a in a right place.Here with our article we are going to inform you about the complete story details.Just keep touch with our article for further details.

Who is “DJ Akademiks”?

Livingston Allen commonly known as DJ Akademiks or simply Akademiks, is a American podcaster,media personality and YouTuber.

Akademiks age,

Dj Akademiks is born May 17, 1991.

DJ Akademiks Threatens To Snitch On Lil Baby In Court: 'That N**** Said I  Can Get Touched'

DJ Akademiks and Lil Baby fight,

According to Akademiks, his main account was blocked by Lil Baby and that left him feeling slighted.

On Akademiks new 23-track album, There’s Only Me, Baby makes mention of the blogger twice.On “From Now On,” featuring Future, Lil Baby raps, “Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me,” all*gedly referencing times in which the blogger-turned-podcaster said that he he made more money than him.

DJ Akademiks caught wind of the al*eged disses and took to social media.

“I heard le Bebe shouted me out twice in da album? Wat he say y’all pmo,” he posted before sharing clips of the song. He then accused the rapper of choosing to diss him instead of the Fulton County DA, Fani Willis.

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