WATCH: Rapper Nosfe Last Video Clip Before Death Viral On Social Media, Is He Knew That He Was Going To Die?

A piece of sad news has just surfaced on the web in the form of a video which is getting hard to accept for many people. No, this time, the video is not related to any se*ual content but this time it is related to the demise of a famous rapper who had fans millions who are now sorrowing his ultimate demise. Many people are claiming this video to be false or wrong but there are some reports which are stating that the rapper is actually not between us and that he recently left the world. The reports are suggesting that the rapper who lost his life is Nosfe whose actual name was Darius Vlad Cretan.

He passed away on Saturday night and at the time of his passing, he was just 37 years old. His death news is officially confirmed on Sunday evening through a social media post that was shared by his co-workers from the band named Satra Benz. The rapper was associated with the band and his bandmates are in big shock and released a statement related to this death news. The statement which was uploaded on the Facebook page of Benz Tent reads that “It is with great pain and sadness that we declare to our fans something that we never wanted to declare to them. Unfortunately, our beloved rapper and brother Nosfe left us tonight in a devastated state.

Is Rapper Nosfe Knew That He Was Going To Die?

At this time we are in delicate circumstances and are having a tough time accepting and then processing this immense loss. Any kind of moral support, thoughts and words can aid enormously. At the moment that is all, we can share or communicate. “It is hard to believe that you are not here. We really love and miss you, brother! Peaceful sleep and smooth passage!” The late rapper was also popular for his solo work. He gave many hits to the music industry, and one of the most popular collaborations he had was with Ruby both created a hit song titled “Condiment”. Other than that he gave many masterpieces such as “Tourist”, and “Papi” which he created along with Ale Blake.

What Happened To Rapper Nosfe?

His death news felt like a shock to many of his fans and the whole artistic world is in shock that how it can happen. Many of his fans and co-artists paid their tribute after hearing about his death news. His fans want to know the cause of his demise, however, at the time of writing, the cause of his demise has not been made public nor has his family shared any statement related to this. But some sources are claiming that he died in his sleep after he got a cardiac arrest. He left behind his wife Madalina Cretan after his demise.

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