Udaariyaan 17th October 2022, Today’s Episode Written Update, Naaz decide to separate Nehmat and Ekam!

It has been many days since we have not shared the information with the daily soap that what is happening in the show. Though we know that surely the track is showing the stupid separation of Nehmat and Ekam and their enemies are trying to separate them. “Udaariyaan” now really need to work on its script as there is no novelty and repeating the typical storyline in just a different context and if the show will go in this way it will surely going to be off the air soon. Let’s see what is going on in the show. So far, we have watched Ekam decide to stay away from Nehmat for her safety but he always searched for different ways to meet her and Naaz who knows everything always follows both of them.


She wants revenge on Nehmat as according to her she is the reason for her break up with Varun and now Naaz decide to separate Nehmat and Ekam. In today’s episode, Nehmat is seen praying at the Gurudwara and meanwhile, Ekam also comes there but this time he disguises his look. He stands behind Nehmat and she felt her presence and realizes that the man who is standing behind her is Ekam and asks him why he came here If anyone sees them together they both will come into a big problem. But Ekam makes her calm down and states that no one will identify him in this new look and he just only came here to meet Nehmat and his Raab (God) at the same place and time.

Udaariyaan Today’s Episode Written Update

Both again have a moment together and the pain of separation can be seen in their eyes. After Ekam and Nehmat step out from Gurudwara and Nehmat gives the prasad to him which she gets from Gurudwara. Both again get emotional and he gives her a box when Nehmat opens it she found a beautiful pair of earrings that belongs to the grandmother of Ekam. Ekam’s dad gave this earring to Ekam prior to her demise and asked him to gift this earring to that girl with whom he will spend his life and now he gave this earring to Nehmat who is a sign that he wants to live with her.

Nehmat gets emotional after watching expensive and precious memory in the form of jewellery and feels happy with the fact that he trusts her a lot. He even asks her to come to his inauguration program when he became a police officer and asks her to wear those earrings as watching her with his precious memory will increase his happiness and he even requests her to come to his event at any cost.

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