Tigres Fan Twitter video – Tigres vs. Pachuca Fan Sin Censorship

A woman drew attention during a Tigers game, because to show her “fans” and “emotion” for the team, she lifted her blouse in front of the public, revealing her video.And it is that when the Tigers scored a goal, the girl celebrated by lifting her team shirt, attracting the attention of those around her, some even taking advantage of it to pose with her.

Fan of Tigres vs. Pachuca Uncensored

As expected, the video soon went with thousands of views on social networks. To celebrate Tigres’ only goal against Pachuca, corresponding to the first leg of the Apertura 2022 quarterfinals, a woman in the stands lifted her shirt and exposed her video.


Fan of Tigres vs. Pachuca Sin Censura

While the striker was getting ready to play the only chance that Tigres had to beat the Tuzos, the fan got ready standing in the stands to lift her shirt and show her bare video.

As soon as the penalty was accurate, she did it and she wiggled her , so she caught the attention of other fans who recorded her with her cell phones; others took the opportunity to approach and be photographed with the topless woman.

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