Rajes Perumal Accident Details, Cause Of Death, PJ City FC Player Dead At 37, Funeral & Obituary!

The Malaysian Football community is mourning the demise of one of the players. As per the reports, Rajes Perumal who was a player of eth Malaysia Super league club petaling Jaya City and was a Right back has passed away recently and the fans are pouring in their heartfelt condolences.  It is unclear who released the news in the media and who announced the demise but it was revealed that Rajes was involved in an accident and that was the reason behind his death. He was one of the most celebrated and most followed players in the Malaysian football community. Let us learn more in detail about Rajes and the reason behind his death.


Rajes as per many of the sources was involved in a motorcycle accident it was a single-vehicle accident that caused him major injuries. Rajes passed away on the spot and when the police arrived at the place, they found him dead before they could provide him with CPR or any medication. Rajes passed away on the 17th of October 2022 and he was just 37 years old at the time of his death. Rajes’s death news was spread eventually after the cops found him dead near the accident spot, He passed away at Batu Caves in Selangor. Fans have poured in their condolences after the news of the demise came up and they sent condolences to the family of eth deceased.

Rajes Perumal: Wikipedia & Bio

Rajes was born on the 21st of June 1985 in Selangor. Malaysia. His real name or full name is Rajes a/I Perumal. Though his name is a bit similar to Indian names, he is from Malaysia dn resided there. He was a part of the Selangor PKNS FC from 2011 until 32013 and won the Mayalysan premier league title in 2011. He also served for the Selangor team in 2014 and for the Kedah Darul Aman team in 2015. He also served for the PKS For one year from 2016 until 2017. Rajes also was a team member to the petaling Jata city in 2018 and was followed on a higher scale for his team presence and his gaming skills as well. Mostly he was a part of the PKNS.

Rajes Perumal Death Reason

There is no information about how and why the accident occurred, as the police are still investigating the case and there is no information other than he passing away in the accident. As per the reports, Rajes suffered major and fatal injuries in the accident and that is the reason for his on-the-spot death. While it remains unknown when and where the funeral will be held and the demise occurred recently and the family is going through a rough time, the funeral details were not revealed. While many celebs and people sent condolences to his family.

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