DETAILS: Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2022 Live, Prediction, Match Today, Goal, Highlights, Summary & More!

This article is going to be very interesting as well as very informative for everyone especially for the people who are crazy fans of Real Madrid and Barcelona and they love to watch their matches so we are here to give you some brief information. So as we all know that Real Madrid versus Barcelona highlights are upcoming on this platform where we have been giving you that Madrid wins over 3-1 goals from Benzema, Valverde and Rodrygo. This news was updated on October 17 2022 where we can see a picture is getting viral of Real Madrid players and how they are excited and celebrating their win against FC Barcelona.


Talking about the match in detail so Karim Benzema and Federico Valverde they were on the ground and talking about the score they made so they scored first-half goals however it was a very good victory where they are game defending the champions of Real Madrid and won the first Classico and it was a very unique as well as interesting match for everyone however we can see that Barcelona was ahead for the goal difference but talking about the defeat which took place on Sunday was quite frustrating for the Barcelona players.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2022 Scorecard

So talking about their point so it is 3-3 which is said to be by Inter Milan at the home took place on Wednesday where we can see that they were being eliminated from the league of Champions there were only two rounds left in that particular group stage. As you know the Real Madrid squad is famous as it is a well-known Spanish football club from Madrid Spain talking about the day it got started in the year 1902 and the reason why it is famous is because of the pride of Spain and they have won Champions League several times.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 2022 Prediction

Talking about FC Barcelona so it is also a well-known as well as professional Barca football club which is based in Barcelona this particular City Barcelona is located at the cost of northeast Spain so it is quite famous for its beaches and also for the soothing weather they have also made famous their city because of a famous tourist destination. They have also won a lot of league titles and 4 European cups. The short name of Barcelona is FCB and it was founded in the year 1899.

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