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Rey Mysterio is a ki!!er. Yes, Rey Mystertio has accidently a top Mexico wrestler. El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, one of the Mexico’s top stars, died earlier this morning due to injuries caused to him after the signature move 619 was performed on him by Rey Mysterio. This news has been confirmed by Mexico-based AAA and CMLL professional wrestling promotions.

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Rey Mysterio became a star in the world of wrestling Mysterio is one wrestler that fans know and are always excited to watch him perform.

He’s a fearless competitor when he’s out there in the ring, and he doesn’t let his size affect him one bit. Mysterio stands 5-foot-6, and he does not wrestle like he’s that height.

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The masked star began his professional career in Mexico at the age of 14 in Driver With in Driver there are no over ‘Mysterio made his World Championship Wrestling debut in 1996 and won his first Cruiserweight Championship in July of 1996, which he retained for three months. He always wrestled with his mask on which was part of his identity.

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