watch Kimika Viral VIDEO on Leaked Twitter, Twitch, And Reddit

A twitch gamer who was banished from the live streaming platform for performing sexual activities during one of her broadcasts has managed to reactivate her channel just 7 days after her ban.

Last week on August 24, Kimmika left her fans stupefied by having sex during her live session. During the session, the shamed streamer was seen posing at a weird angle while talking to fans via her chat. Suddenly, fans noticed a change in her facial expression. She started making grimacing faces and turned around to talk to someone who was sitting right behind her.


A man’s voice could be heard and then he came partially into view as the couple start to have sex. While the video didn’t explicitly show any body part of the duo, the reflection on the side window gave her audience a clear view of what was happening in that room.

Recordings of the live stream went viral as many users shared her clip on social media platforms. Twitch instantly noticed the sexually explicit content and slammed a ban on Kimmika. As there was no nudity or explicit body parts shown onstream, the ban extended to not more than 7 days. However, many users in the streaming community had expected Twitch to up Kimmika’s punishment to a permanent ban seeing how serious her actions were. Twitch’s community guidelines state: “Nudity and sexually explicit content or activities, such as pornography, sexual acts or intercourse, and sexual services, are prohibited.”


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