Safaree And Kimbella leaked full video – Who is thevaultuncut Safaree and Kimbella video trending on Twitter

American rapper Safaree And Kimbella Leaked Video have been trending on Twitter and Reddit. A leaked private video of Safaree And Kimbella is circulating on social media networks.

If you are curious to watch the video of safaree and Kimbella and thousands of other people don’t worry we are going to share their video at the end of this article.

You too have many questions in your mind that who is safaree and Kimbella and who share their video.


So let us explain a little about the couple and then we will share about the Twitter account that shares their private video on Twitter.

Who Is Safaree?

Safari Sam well is of famous songwriter YouTuber rapper and television actor he was born on July 4, 1981, in New York, united the States of America.

He started his musical career with a group named the ‘Hood stars.’

After the group disbanded, he joined fellow rapper and artist Nicki Minaj as her hype man.

He also worked as co-executive producer of Nicki’s album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ (2012).

Safaree and Nicki were also in a long-term relationship before they had a much-publicized breakup, in 2014.

He has a Twitter account with the display and handles the name @iamsafaree.

This to that account was created in April 2009.

And the number of followers of the @iamsafaree Twitter account is 270.6K.

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Who Is The VaultUncut Twitter?

The VaultUncut Twitter account was created in April 2020. The number of followers of the @TheVaultUncut Twitter account is 165.1K.

This Twitter account usually shares adult content as he mentioned in his Twitter bio.

“The Vault Uncut | Celebrity News &Gossip!!! 👀😈”

On 11 of August, thevaultuncut Twitter account shared Safaree And Kimbella’s viral video on Twitter.

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