Randy Gwathney dead and obituary, Who Were Randy Gwathney’s Victims?

The evil found by the investigation lives here: Shadow of Death: Devil in Disguise tells the story of survivor Lisa Reeves, who witnessed the murder of nearly her entire family by her husband in February 2007 in Lee County, Arkansas. Randy Gwathney killed her parents and grandparents while seriously injuring her brother, and a deputy sheriff responded to her 911 calls. However, he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison within hours of the shooting. Want to learn more about the case? Let’s find out, shall we?


Who were Randy Gwasney’s victims?

James Oliver Mitchell Jr. was born on September 7, 1925 in Morrow, Lee County, Arkansas. A World War II veteran, he became a farmer after completing his prestigious military service. He also enjoyed woodworking, which he later turned into his hobby. A devoutly religious man, he was an active member of the Haynes Baptist Church and spent his retirement years singing old hymns and reading the Bible.

James Oliver Mitchell Jr and Evelyn Elise Wilson Mitchell
Evelyn Elise Wilson Mitchell, born August 11, 1927, is a kind woman and an excellent cook with a passion for gardening. Her love of country music and her famous homemade dumplings and doughnuts are well known among her family and relatives. James and Evelyn were married on September 16, 1944 and have been happily married for 62 years, with 2 sons and 2 daughters, one of whom is Sylvia Elise Mitchell Lee Fus.

Sylvia was born on February 14, 1955 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, and is a member of the Lee County Chamber of Commerce and the Forrest City Chamber of Commerce. She founded Reeves Construction and is a co-owner of Arkansas Digital Memory. She married Roger Wayne Reeves in 1971. The couple welcomed two children together, Lisa Reeves and Travis Reeves. Sadly, Roger died of natural causes in 2006.


Sylvia Elise Mitchell Reeves

Lisa is married to Randall “Randy” Gvassney, and in the eyes of neighbors, they are described as a “normal couple”. However, just the night before Valentine’s Day, February 13, something went terribly wrong that led to the horrific tragedy of February 2007. Lisa and Randy divorced in 2007, and Lisa lives with her mother and grandparents in Lee County, five miles south of Palestine.

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