Kate Bethune dead and obituary, Curator at National Trust – cause of death

Curator and researcher with expertise in fashion and clothing.


I have experience in all aspects of collection management and exhibition curation, from writing exhibition descriptions to installing objects, and writing, editing and proofreading texts on various platforms, including exhibition texts and catalogues. I have strong publishing skills, having written articles for Alexander McQueen (V&A, 2015), Feste Feiern (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, 2016) and Bloomsbury Fashion Central (2015), and is the author of A-Z in Wedding Style (V&A, 2015) The author of. I also have extensive media experience (print, online, live TV and live radio) and am a talented public speaker with academic and Public speaking portfolio.

I have experience managing new creative partnerships and exhibition projects during the R&D phase, working with a range of external stakeholders.

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