House of the dragon episode 8 reddit leaked spoilers, Recap of Episode 8

As we head into the home of Dragon House season 1, it’s clear that the show’s nascent season has one main purpose: to take us to incendiary events. As we move towards the big thing, we’re on to another episode, each of which feels like its 67 minutes long, with multiple episodes, some new character development, and a lot of cruxes that may reflect where the show is headed Moments in recent years, two episodes of the first season.

It’s impossible to talk about it without talking about Westeros’ plans (or, well, if we’re being honest, no real plans): King Targaryen I of Viserys. The Dragon House is an ensemble show at its core, but Season 1 stars Viserys, whose life is on the line – more on that below – and we’re going through a rough patch. What the characters are doing now is battling for key positions on the throne following the king’s apparently inevitable death.


But before he goes, let’s take a moment to reflect on Paddy Considine’s flashy and thankless character in House of the Dragon. Matt Smith (Daemon), Olivia Cooke (Alysent) and Rhys Ifans (Otto) are all great, but the roles they can play are either in some way Works weirdly, or is always in some sort of surreptitious scheme. Considine plays a friendly and naive lateral thinker—always to his own detriment. We know Visery’s death is imminent, and it’s sad to see him die episode after episode because it’s clear he’s a man who learned from his mistakes (he misses Emma and no doubt regrets his own behavior led to her death), just want to keep their house together.

But this is Westeros, and these people make plans. so
“Holding the house together” is a doomed concept, as is the health of our dear king.

We opened Lord of the Tides after another time warp, allowing us a few more years to face the inevitable civil war when King Viserys leaves the bucket. But first there is an inheritance issue that needs to be resolved, as Lord Collis Valerian (Steve Toussaint) is badly wounded in the battle of the Step Stones (there always seems to be some kind of war there), Caused to be chopped Hals had a fever, which sounded insurmountable. Plans must be made, and those plans must be set in stone.


Collis made his wish clear in last week’s episode: He wants his grandson Lucerys Valeryon (Renella and Leno’s son, but actually Rhaenyla and Harvinstrong) to take over. But Corlys’ brother Vaemond isn’t too keen, insisting he should take over, and whispering what everyone knows: Lucerys isn’t the real Velaryon. Princess Rhaenys (Eve Best) thinks she’s lost her two children and is about to lose her husband, and she’s torn between her brother-in-law, grandson and herself. When the big man falls, someone has to take over.

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