Glorilla Responds To Reactions To Her Middle Name ‘Hallelujah’

Glorilla Trends After Fans Found Out Her Full Government Name Is Gloria Hallelujah Woods

Fast rising female rapper GloRilla, known for her top-hit, FNF (Let’s G0) is currently trending on social media after fans discovered that her real name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods.


It’s actually her middle name “Hallelujah” that has people talking. “Glorilla’s govt name being Gloria Hallelujah sends me to a place everytime I think about it. I really enjoy her lol,” someone tweeted.

Glorilla has now responded to the reactions. Taking to Twitter she simply wrote; “& why y’all acting like Ian been told y’all my middle name hallelujah? Dats why I’m so blessed & my pussy so good duhhhhhh !!!! Common damn sense.”

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