SNL cracked for a Try Guys sketch on the Ned Fulmer fraud scandal

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SNL cracked for a Try Guys sketch on the Ned Fulmer fraud scandal

Saturday Night Live has a reaction to parody of the movie Try Guys it took care of the Ned Fulmer scandal – but probably “missed” the point.

In the original, now viral clip, YouTube stars Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld and Keith Habersberger explained their decision to fire the fourth member after discovering that he was having a workplace affair with video producer Alexandra Herring, a junior employee.


Some SNL viewers have argued that the comedy sketch with the music video was apparently intended to hold their associate accountable, rather than mocking Ned for cheating on his 10-year wife Ariel Fulmer.

“I shouldn’t be so concerned, but the snl try a bit when they make fun of NOT Ned but the other three for holding him responsible for all his shit and being hurt by it is so nasty”, one person he wrote on Twitter. “Please tell me more, what do you think, how funny a man cheating on his wife with his employee is.”

Other tweeted“Did SNL just light up the Try Guys?”

Try it guys
The Try Guys originally posted a video on the Ned Fulmer fraud scandal.


Others asked why “SNL” had not upset the “power balance” that was in play, arguing that Ned had betrayed someone who had far less power than he had in his workplace.

“Is it just me or is it kind of screwed up that they make fun of POWER DYNAMIC for the sexual relationship between the company’s founder and one of its employees?” one person tweeted.

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