Otile Brown Pens Heartfelt Message To Ex Girlfriend, As Shakilla Sends Vera Controversial Message

In Kenya celebrity relationships always end up with the couple unfollowing each other and in some cases one might block their partners. Just ask the likes of Amber Ray.

However, Otile seems to still be hung up on his ex girlfriend Nabbi. The Ethiopian queen was widely admired by

Kenyans during their relationship.


Fans will no doubt love to see the former love birds get together, with distance being said to be the reason why the two broke up in the first place.

In his message to Nabbi, Otile described his ex girlfriend as the most beautiful and amazing soul he knows. In another entertainment news report, female Socialite Shakilla, has decided to renounce Shakilla, as her role model.


Vera was apparently a role model to Shakilla when she was going well and her health was top notch. However, after undergoing a surgery that left her body with ‘negative effects’ Shakilla renounced Vera.

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