Mike Myers​ ‘Cried Like A Baby’ When The Queen Died & Says He’s Still ‘Gutted’ (VIDEO)​

Mike Myers recently opened up about Queen Elizabeth II’s death and what exactly the monarch meant to him and his family.

On October 6, the Canadian actor and comedian chatted with the hosts of Good Morning America over how he’s still “gutted” by her death.

He explained that his parents, who were both English, fought in World War II.

“My mom was in the Royal Air Force my dad was in the Royal Engineers,” he shared. “And that whole generation is my favourite generation. They’re just unbelievable, which is why the passing of the queen was so painful.”


“I cried like a baby,” Myers continued. “I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m still gutted by it. Yeah, just what a great lady. She stayed in Britain during World War Two, she didn’t run away to Canada, and she was also in the service. She was the same age as my mother.”

Myers said that given that he grew up in North America, the whole monarchy “not being elected thing” is interesting.

“I think, for many British people, and certainly my parents, they represented history,” he said before touching on his upbringing. “We grew up in Canada, she’s on every dollar, she’s at every hockey rink, she’s in every airport. And I think she did a great job.”

He also shared a funny anecdote about an experience he had at Buckingham Palace.

“I didn’t get to meet the queen but I saw the changing of the guard and in my honour, they played the Austin Powers theme,” he shared.

Myers revealed that the gesture also made him cry and chalked it up to being “an old limey.”

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