Influencer JUMANA KHAN Video Went Viral!

And she is now hiring a very good amount of money through the platform. She creates various types of content and she is a very funny personality. She had been working hard to achieve this goal and she belongs to a Muslim family that’s why she has a lot of instructions she joined YouTube in 2017 and currently she has more than 1 million views on her channel. She also produced a Pakistani song that has 55 million views and she regularly quotes on traveling she had a photo session with Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty.

Who Is Influencer Jumana Khan?

She is not like other women social media influencers Who talk about feminism and that’s why she was criticized by some of my friends for not raising such issues she does not want to do politics through her social media account and she is currently 26 years old and she completed her education in fashion designing from the school of Dubai and she belongs to a really rich family. Her father is a businessman and she also studied Islam and she has respect for religion.

Jumana Khan Private Scandal Link Reddit & Twitter

She is not an extremist and she is peace-loving it has been more than five years since she married and she is 5 feet and 5 inches tall weight 52 kg and she has black eyes and black hair. Now she has years of experience in the entertainment industry and she wants to do something more like acting in movies rather than just becoming a model. We will be back with some more interesting updates about her until then stay tuned to our website.

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