Aliyah Kurnia Trending Twitter Video | aliyah kurnia full video tiktok

Aliyah Kurnia video is a trending topic of the day.As her video is uploaded many people are searching for her video.People also search her video with the title of #Aliyah Kurnia #Aliyah Kurnia Twitter video #Aliyah Kurnia toilet video and #Aliyah Kurnia TikTok video.

The trending video duration is a of 5 minutes 46 seconds was mentioned by Aliyah Kurnia being a trending topic of conversation until it went trending on TikTok and Twitter.


The woman who is suspected of being is in the spotlight after posting a video while on the toilet. Aliyah Kurnia’s video then went trending and spread widely to the point where online users were looking for it.

Aliyah Kurnia’s video went trending with a short duration of 5 minutes 46 seconds while in the toilet room.

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