Who Was David Miller’s Daughter & Cause Of Death? South African Cricketer’s Family Confirms The Death News!

As per the latest report, David Miller took his social media account on Saturday, 8th October 2022 in order to share the video and he also wrote the caption which reads that “Rest In Peace my little rockstar”. No doubt, the video is a bit emotional and constantly makes people sad with it. The pain of the devastated father is clearly visible in the video. Now the video makes people keen to know about the cause of his daughter‘s death.


Who Was David Miller’s Daughter? Name, Age & Mother

Though there is another theory in the viral video as many media reports are stating that the girl featured in the video is her own daughter of Miller but other people are asserted that the girl is not her daughter and in fact, the girl is his fan who Miller was highly close to her. However, there is no official report or confirmation came from the side of the South African batsman which clears his relationship with the girl. It is not the first time he shared such a video even before that he made an IG story.

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